Michele Micarelli


Creative Mandala rug hooking pattern


You are looking at a rug called CREATIVE MANDALA. This rug hooking pattern measures 24″ ROUND. $58 plus shipping. This is a fun piece to hook.
Designed by MICHELE MICARELLI for a master class in rug hooking SYMBOLISM.
In this MEDITATION CIRCLE are representations of FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AIR, GROWTH, CHANGE. HEALING, and STRENGH. The  CREATIVITY CIRCLE in the center can be hoked to represent WATER or FIRE depending how it is hooked.
This pattern is drawn on the straight of the grain on beautiful hairless linen. This rug hooking pattern is also available on ivory linen or monks cloth just request the backing of your choice when placing your order.
Please note their is a 32 inch round creative mandala for $78.00